1. What Do Landscape Services Think About Mulching Grass?

      There are lawnmowers, and then there are mulching lawnmowers. What are the advantage of mulching? Is it the right thing for your lawn, or should we just take the grass clippings away? If we bag it: If we bag your grass, we take it away where it’s put in a pile and it becomes compost. That’s good because the grass clippings don’t just lie on your lawn and build up. It’s bad because t…Read More

  2. When Sod Might Be The Best Idea For Your Landscape Design

      Here at Well Done Landscapes we specialize in all forms of landscape installation. That includes installing sod, planting grass seed, and hydroseeding. While starting from seed can certainly be the best option in some case, there are times when sod is the obvious choice. What are the situations where we might suggest sod? When erosion might be a problem: Grass is an excellent way to prevent…Read More

  3. Lawn Care In Lakeville: When’s The Best Time To Water?

    Over- or under-watering a lawn is the most common mistake people make with their lawn care in Lakeville. One of the reasons it’s such a problem is that there has been so much conflicting information passed down through the years. The good thing is that science has stepped in and answered the question: what’s the best way to water your lawn? Time - When not to water your lawn is as important as…Read More

  4. Why Hardscape Installation Is Such An Important Part Of Landscape Maintenance In Lakeville

    We’re guessing that you’ve seen people around town installing hardscapes in their yard, whether it’s a stone path, a cement fountain, or a retaining wall. And you probably looked at it and thought “I should do that!” Well, yes and know. Yes, you should have whatever hardscape installation performed that meets your fancy. But no, don’t do it like they did...because you probably noticed …Read More