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Maintaining a lush, green lawn can be a challenge.

However, by utilizing turf fertilization services, you can keep your lawn looking its best. At Well Done Landscapes, we’re a leading landscaping company that offers high-quality turf fertilization services. We dedicate an entire division to construction landscaping projects, so you can be sure that your lawn will receive the attention it deserves! Learn more about our turf fertilization below!

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What is Turf Fertilization

Turf fertilization is the process of applying nutrients to your lawn or turf to promote growth, health, and rich green color. This is typically done through the use of chemicals, although organic methods are also available. At Well Done Landscapes, we encourage multiple applications of turf fertilizer for optimal results. You can use turf fertilization in mid to late spring, late summer, and late fall. Using our services, you can get lush and gorgeous turf to enjoy!

Turf fertilizer can be applied in several ways, including:


Spreading it by hand

Turf Fertilization

Using a broadcast spreader


Applying turf fertilization with a hose-end sprayer


Hiring a professional turf fertilizer company


Importance of Turf Fertilization

Turf fertilization with Well Done Landscapes is important for many reasons. Through the proper use of turf fertilizer, you can strengthen your grassroots. This is crucial, as the roots are what allow it to quickly absorb water, compared to unhealthy roots which are unable to absorb or utilize water. This also helps firm your soil and lessen the chances of water pooling, which forms messy mud puddles and bare patches. Using turf fertilization, you can help your lawn better withstand drought conditions. Again, with strengthened roots, your turf can reach deeper into the soil for moisture. Having a healthy, green lawn is the perfect backdrop for all your outdoor activities! By fertilizing your turf, you can have a beautiful lawn you're proud of!

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4 Benefits of Turf Fertilization  infographic

Benefits of Turf Fertilization

Turf fertilization from Well Done Landscapes comes with several benefits, including:

weed reduction

Most of today's turf fertilization products also carry weed prevention treatments in the formula. However, products that don't carry this added weed prevention can still help with keeping weeds away. By encouraging a deep bed of roots, you can grow a thick and strong bed of grass that makes it harder for weeds to penetrate through.

Better Disease Resistance

Through professional turf fertilization, you can give your turf the nutrients it needs. The disease can spread fast and often cause large portions of your grass to be lost all at once. By feeding it the proper nutrients, you can give it the strength it needs to protect against diseases.

Improved Overall Growth

A visual benefit to turf fertilization is improved growth. Through an even and professional application with Well Done Landscapes, you can create a lush yard all around. Produce overall turf growth and encourage a strong and dense yard.

Protection for the Soil

Turf fertilization serves as protection for the soil as well. By growing thick and healthy grass, you can prevent frustrating soil runoff. Additionally, when it's time for rain, you can rest assured your turf won't be depleted of necessary nutrients.

Resistance to Pests

Having a healthy lawn that's fertilized helps your lawn be more resistant to damage caused by pests. Whether you choose a fertilizer that has insecticides included or not, by growing a nutrient-dense and healthy lawn, you can make it much harder for pests to take hold.

Choose Well Done Landscapes

If you're interested in turf fertilization services, look no further than Well Done Landscapes! Our team of experienced professionals will work diligently to ensure your lawn looks its best all year round! Schedule your service today!

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