Apprenticeship Program

Landscape Apprenticeship Program

Did you know that to become an expert in something they say you have to have 10,000 hours of experience before obtaining that level of authority?

Now how MANY individual pieces are required to becoming an expert in the landscaping field??? "Well, after 18 years in business I can tell you what... I've become REALLY good at a number of things with ALOT of room left for improvement everywhere else which is why I use professional consultants to continue my path towards growth and develop professionally. Ther's just too much to learn and too little time."

-John Rocharz


One of the most common things we have heard new employees state is (they) "had NO IDEA how much there is to learn in Landscaping.."

Are you looking for a career path that is well-paying, fulfilling, and that offers great advancement opportunities and non stop learning and development? Well Done Landscapes is looking for new applicants to join our landscape management apprenticeship program that provides exactly these qualities!

Over a year-long period, our landscaping apprenticeship program provides career training from experienced landscaping mentors and a combination of classroom-style instruction as well as hands on field work that enables you to discover the wide range of opportunities available in the field.

Landscaping apprentices receive:

  • 2,000 hours of on-the-job-training

  • 144 hours of classroom instruction

  • A paycheck from day one and onwards!

Headquartered in Lakeville, Massachusetts, Well Done Landscapes LLC is an award-winning industry leader intently focused on growth. The mainstay of our work is high-end residential properties, for which we design, install, and maintain uniquely beautiful outdoor living spaces with pools, patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fire features, and more. Together as a team, we have become one of the most successful landscaping companies in the Southeastern Massachusetts area and have designed, built and constructed countless outdoor spaces for thousands of local families across south eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod!

Program Overview

Our apprenticeship program provides you with the opportunity to practice in a professional atmosphere many of the concepts you’ve learned in your studies. You will gain hands-on experience in all the areas of our company—from Production, Design, and Proscape care, to administration and management—and leave with a thorough understanding of the green industry to help guide you in deciding your career path. At the conclusion of the program, we will provide full-time offers to those who will make a great addition to the Well Done Landscapes team.

We provide:

  • Inbound and outbound travel stipend
  • Housing location assistance
  • Clean and organized facility with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Professional, friendly, and fun work environment
  • Clear path for career advancement and commitment to your professional growth

Program Structure

Weeks 1–4: PROduction

  • Assist Team Leaders as Team Tech on Production Team(s).
  • Activities include but are not limited to: spring/fall clean-ups, landscape installations, hardscape installations, water features, outdoor lighting, and seasonal color displays.

Weeks 5–8: PROscapeCare

  • Assist Team Leader as Team Tech on Producing on our Landscape Maintenance Team.
  • Activities include but are not limited to: bed maintenance, irrigation services, pruning, irrigation maintenance adjustment and repair, disease and pest management, turf fertilization and dethatching, weed control, and core aeration.

Week 9: Management

  • Shadow/Assist Group Leader (Production Manager).
  • Activities include but are not limited to: daily scheduling of crews, equipment and materials, material procurement, on-the-job training, and fleet and facilities.

Weeks 10–11: ProFessional Design/Sales

  • Shadow/Assist Landscape Design Sales Professional
  • Activities include but are not limited to: initial sales calls, preparing estimates, assisting in the design of award-winning projects, generating client proposals, presenting client designs, and business development.

Week 12: Administration

  • Shadow/Assist Administration.
  • Activities include but are not limited to: daily timesheet entry and processing, work order creation and processing, time-card management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources.

At the conclusion of the program, we will gather together for a short discussion with our apprentices on their experience at Well Done Landscapes LLC and their future interests. Full-time job offers to follow!