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For your concrete paver project, make sure your experienced contractor licensed and insured and is ICPI certified!


Benefits of Using Well Done Landscapes to install your next Walkway or Patio Project

5 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee

Our 5-year craftsmanship guarantee is more than just a warranty; it's a promise. It's our vow to you that we stand by our work, uphold industry best practices to give you the longest lifespan available on your new investment, by doing this we're prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction!

When we install brick paver and stone patios, we adhere to the highest standards set by the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). This ensures that our installations not only look fantastic but are also durable and long-lasting.

Lifetime Finish Warranty

Every path laid with our pavers is a pledge of unwavering quality, protected by an industry-leading lifetime finish warranty on select paving stones. This isn't just a promise; it's a commitment backed by the manufacturers confidence in the superior product and the craftsmanship of our certified professionals.

Unmatched Longevity

Fact: Paver systems last up to four times as long as traditional poured in place options!

Pavers stand the test of time, boasting a robust lifespan of 30-50 years. Your investment today is secured by the decades of flawless beauty and functionality that follow, validated by the proper installation materials and methods Well Done Landscapes firmly adheres to.

Safety as a Priority

We understand the paramount importance of safety for your family and guests. This is why our paver walkways are consciously designed with non-skid surfaces, ensuring every step taken on your property is as safe as it is stylish, (especially around high traffic and high hazard areas such as residence entry points and pool patios)

Effortless Repair & Replacement

One thing your can be guaranteed is that concrete will crack in New England, it may be a little crack or it may lift substantially... once cracked it can never be fixed to look as it once did! It might happen in a year.. it might happen in 3, 5, or 10 years... but it WILL happen!

Life happens, and so do accidents. But with pavers; repairs and replacements are refreshingly straightforward and inexpensive. Damaged or stained units can be substituted with ease, keeping your walkways perpetually pristine without upsetting your budget.

Captivating Visuals

Aesthetics matter. They speak a language of their own, a language of refinement and appeal that resonates deeply with the beholder. Our walkways and patios aren't just walkways and patios; they are an expression of artful elegance that elevates the ambiance of your outdoor space and your home.

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6 Reasons To NOT use Stone Dust Under Your Next Paver Patio or Walkway

There are ways to save money in building your house... going cheap on your foundation is NOT one of them! Walkway and Patio Installations are no different!

Why to NOT use Stone Dust?

  1. It voids ANY and ALL manufacturer's warranties! This fact alone should indicate how badly stone dust is as a base option!

  2. Inadequate Compaction: Stone dust is particularly fine, which makes it difficult to compact effectively. Ineffective compaction can lead to instability in your patio or walkway resulting in frost heaves and settling issues in both the short and long term.

  3. Poor Drainage: Stone dust does not drain well. It tends to retain water, which can lead to issues with dampness and even damage to the pavers over time. We have replaced pavers in Massachusetts set on stone dust only ten years earlier that crumbled in our hand due to deterioration because they never dry out from using a stone dust base layer! A few hundred dollars saved years prior ends up costing thousands more shortly down the line!

  4. Settling and Shifting: Stone dust is more prone to settling than sand due to the flat nature of the material. This can result in an uneven surface and may cause the pavers to shift, leading to instability.

  5. Workability Issues: The use of stone dust can drastically reduce the workability of concrete. This is due to the fact that the particles of stone dust are not rounded like natural sand particles, making it less ideal for use in paver applications.

  6. Freezing Temperatures: In Massachusetts and in areas where freezing temperatures are common, stone dust's ability to retain moisture can lead to frost heave, can create vertical and horizontal movement which can dislodge pavers requiring additional service, repairs and cost.

Nicolock Unilock Belgard PavestoneProfessional products, with exceptional longevity and installed by the seasoned hands of Well Done Landscapes trained technicians, let the story of your property be one of timeless allure, enduring grace, and minimal maintenance for your next.

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Cons of Using Pavers On Your Next Walkway or Patio Installation

Paver walkways and patios may not be for everyone, but they do offer an unrivaled blend of durability, elegance, and versatility. But they are not without their challenges:

  1. Expense: Pavers can be more costly than other patio materials such as concrete or gravel. The cost includes not only the pavers themselves but also the labor involved in the installation. The difference is again in quality as well as longevity: Pavers are colored throughout the product was just a thin layer of color on or stain on top of concrete. This results in longer lasting color and reduces the need (and cost) of yearly sealing like stamped concrete requires.

  2. Time-Consuming Installation: Installing pavers is a meticulous process that requires careful planning and execution. This means it can take longer to install compared to other materials raising labor and overhead costs associated with installation. In our option this is quickly offset when considering the increased lifespan of pavers vs. a poured concrete surface.

  3. Weed Growth: If polymeric jointing sand is not properly used weeds and other unwanted foliage can grow in the spaces between them. Polymeric sand is far more expensive than regular sand but reduces weeds and need to refill joints nearly completely compared to an installer that skips this extra "expense". Regular maintenance and often weed control chemicals are required to keep this under control if poly sand is not used correctly.

  4. Shifting Over Time: One potential downside of pavers is that they can shift or become uneven over time. However, this is often eliminated with proper installation of base materials and maintenance.

  5. Maintenance: While pavers are generally low maintenance, they do require some care to keep them looking their best. This may include regular cleaning, resealing, and occasionally replacing damaged pavers. Again, a much lower cost to a standard stamped concrete patio maintenance schedule that is often times required yearly.

So, they're not perfect... but they're close!


The Well Done Landscapes Difference

  • At Well Done Landscapes, we bring an impressive legacy of over 30 years of experience in the industry to every hardscape project. Our team, under the guidance of some of the most detailed and progressive specialists in the field, is adept at designing and constructing hardscapes that stand the test of time. We hold a deep respect for traditional methods, yet we continually embrace the latest products to ensure the longevity of our craftsmanship and to deliver that perfect outdoor sanctuary you envision.

  • We make it our mission to collaborate closely with you, understanding your unique needs and preferences to create a landscape design that exceeds your expectations. By prioritizing accountability, honesty, integrity, and excellence, we forge enduring customer relationships — these are the fundamental principles upon which we base all our services. Trust in our commitment to quality and experience the difference we can make to your outdoor spaces.

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Choosing Well Done Landscapes

You will work hand in hand with the owner John when designing and producing an estimate for your next project. We will listen to your concerns and desires for your project and learn about your present day as well as future plans to create a stunning space that will bring you years of enjoyment. Often times our clients will break their projects into manageable pieces and construct their dreamscapes over numerous seasons in the most cost efficient way possible. Before our first meeting, take a moment to consider the top five questions that will help us understand your patio or walkway needs:

How do you envision using your outdoor space? (e.g., entertaining, relaxation, dining)

What is your preferred style or aesthetic for the patio or walkway? (e.g., modern, traditional, natural)

Are there any specific features or functionalities you desire for the patio or walkway? (e.g., built-in seating, lighting, fire pit, audio, cooking area?)

Do you have any concerns regarding the installation, maintenance or durability of the materials?

Have you allocated a budget for this project, and do you have any specific timeline in mind for completion?

These questions will guide our initial discussions and ensure that we tailor our solutions to perfectly align with your vision. We look forward to transforming your outdoor space into a stunning haven that exceeds your expectations.

Don't just dream about the perfect outdoor living space - let's create it together. Book an appointment today and embark on your journey towards exceptional hardscaping design and installation. With Well Done Landscapes, quality and expertise are always in the blueprint.

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