3 Things Most People Don’t Consider When Creating Their Landscape Design

Drawing up landscape designs can be great fun, and we encourage to bring us what you have so that we can review them and give you a quote. But please understand that we might have a few suggestions in order for you to the best possible landscape.


Water Mitigation – When it comes to landscaping and hardscaping, how you move the water is very important. You can’t just think about how the water will soak in during normal water, you’ve also got to think about how it will settle (or be mitigated) when there are flash floods, or if a sprinkler head breaks and shoots water in the wrong spot. This can be important to not just your lawn but also to your house foundation as well

Plant species – You might think that every plant that is in a local nursery is meant to hold up to our environment here in the Massachusetts. Of course, these are also the same nursery that sells annuals before the last frost, so it’s usually in their best interest to make the sale even if your plant won’t necessarily survive the winter.

Plant placement – When it comes to plant placement, it’s not just deciding whether or not it will be in the sun or partial shade. You have to think about how a plant or tree will interact with the environment, including the root system. What trees might grow roots strong enough to crack your foundation? What plants help each other with attracting pollinators, and which just don’t get along.

Whether you’re bringing us your plans or you’d like us to draw up the landscape design from scratch, we’ll make sure to make your yard an oasis. Give Well Done Landscapes a call today.