Fertilizing For Different Seasons


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Fertilizing For Different Seasons

Fertilizing your lawn can be a little confusing. When do you use the fertilizer and what kind do you use? Do you spread by hand or do you get a little help? Here at Well Done Landscapes, the top-rated landscaping company in Lakeville, MA, our experts can help take care of your lawn and outdoor areas all year round. However, if you want to take care of fertilizing your own lawn, here are the top four things to remember about fertilizing in different seasons.

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Learn When To Fertilize

Ironically enough, the best times to fertilize your lawn aren’t in the summer. Spring and winter are the best seasons to fertilize your lawn, with the best months for lawn fertilization being February, April, June, September, October, and November.

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Use The Right Fertilizers

If you’ve ever gone to a garden store, you know that finding the right fertilizer can leave your head spinning. In the fall, you’ll want to use a starter fertilizer, which helps promote growth and is planted close to the roots. In winter, you’ll want to use a winter fertilizer, also known as a winterizer.

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Control The Weeds

With great lawn fertilizers comes increased weed problems. If you use the right fertilizers when you should, you may see more weeds on your property. You can pick these by hand, or you can use a pre-emergent herbicide to help stop weeds from popping up.

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Prevent Diseases

Many lawn diseases, like the infamous brown patches, occur in the summer. Using fertilizers and lawn disease prevention can help mitigate and possibly eliminate lawn diseases that can cause unsightly areas on your lawn.

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