Lawn Care In Lakeville: When’s The Best Time To Water?

Over- or under-watering a lawn is the most common mistake people make with their lawn care in Lakeville. One of the reasons it’s such a problem is that there has been so much conflicting information passed down through the years.

The good thing is that science has stepped in and answered the question: what’s the best way to water your lawn?

Time - When not to water your lawn is as important as when you do water it. DO NOT water at night, such as between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. That’s because fungus thrives when the water stays on the blades for too long. By the time the water evaporates, the fungus has already taken hold. It can damage or kill a lawn quickly.

Also, do not water in the heat of the day. That’s because a large portion of the water evaporates before it even reaches the lawn, and the part that does make it evaporates quickly from the warm grass and dirt.

We recommend watering around 4 a.m. - 5 a.m. The water has enough time to soak into the ground, but it doesn’t give the fungus a chance to strike. Also, the wind is relatively calm at this time of the morning.

How many times a week?: Watering every other day isn’t necessary. A healthy lawn should be able to go for more than half a week without water. If you water too often the roots have no incentive to grow deeper, and the lawn ends up with a shallow root system.

Duration - Here’s a piece of old wisdom that holds up well. An empty can of tuna is about an inch deep, and when you fill it up then you’ve watered the proper amount. Any more and you get too much runoff.

When it comes to lawn care in Lakeville, we want to give you the tools to take care of your lawn. Watering your lawn correctly is a first step to a healthy, green landscape. Any questions? Give us a call!