What Do Landscape Services Think About Mulching Grass?

There are lawnmowers, and then there are mulching lawnmowers. What are the advantage of mulching? Is it the right thing for your lawn, or should we just take the grass clippings away?


If we bag it: If we bag your grass, we take it away where it’s put in a pile and it becomes compost. That’s good because the grass clippings don’t just lie on your lawn and build up. It’s bad because the nutrients in the grass clippings are removed from your lawn entirely. Bagging is the way to go if you want your lawn looking as good as it possibly can every week.

If we mulch it: The good thing about mulching is that we don’t have to take the grass clippings away. The clippings are cut multiple times within the mower, increasing their surface area which then allows them to decompose more quickly than if the grass blades were left whole. This allows the grass to return the nutrients to the soil. However, this decomposition doesn’t always occur fast enough, so in the future you might need some power raking. What is power raking?

Power Raking: No matter how we mow your lawn, there’s bound to be some build-up of organic material that isn’t decomposing as quickly as you’d like. This is known as thatch, and, like a thatched roof, it keeps the water and the sunlight out. This is not a good thing, so power raking removes the thatch buildup so that the rain, sun, and air can get down to the base and roots of the grass.

The more you know about your grass, the better decisions you can make regarding how you’d like our landscape services to take care of it. Call Well Done Landscape today!