When Sod Might Be The Best Idea For Your Landscape Design

Here at Well Done Landscapes we specialize in all forms of landscape installation. That includes installing sod, planting grass seed, and hydroseeding.


While starting from seed can certainly be the best option in some case, there are times when sod is the obvious choice. What are the situations where we might suggest sod?

When erosion might be a problem: Grass is an excellent way to prevent soil erosion. If there’s no grass, you can say goodbye to some of your topsoil. Putting down sod is an excellent way to keep your soil in place, especially if there’s any grade to your property.

When you just want it done now: There are two reasons you might want your grass in now. If your neighborhood is new, it’s possible you simply don’t want to wait the year or more for grass from seed to become established. You love the idea of a lawn, and you want it as lush as possible right now! This can be especially important if you want to let your kids play out back as soon as you move in.

The second reason is if you’re in an established neighborhood and your lawn has to be replanted from scratch. You don’t want to be the house in the neighborhood with a dirt patch for a lawn, so why not fix the problem overnight with sod?

When you’re in a windy area: If you’re on the edge of town, or even if your property backs up against a green space, grass seed might have problems. First of all, the winds can pick it up and blow it away. Second, birds can come and eat it. These are problems that sod just doesn't have.

When you’re looking to get your landscape design up-and-growing, sod might be the right choice for you. Give us a call with any questions!