Why Hardscape Installation Is Such An Important Part Of Landscape Maintenance In Lakeville

We’re guessing that you’ve seen people around town installing hardscapes in their yard, whether it’s a stone path, a cement fountain, or a retaining wall. And you probably looked at it and thought “I should do that!”


Well, yes and know. Yes, you should have whatever hardscape installation performed that meets your fancy. But no, don’t do it like they did...because you probably noticed that many do-it-yourself'ers end up with uneven sidewalks and stone walls that are dropping flagstones onto the sidewalk. So why is it so important to make sure you get proper hardscaping with your landscape maintenance?

Safety: Falling - If you ever have anyone young in the your yard, or even walking past your front yard, chances are that your hardscaping will be climbed on. If the hardscape isn’t put in properly in the first place, the stones will fall out from under them. Pool hardscaping is just an accident waiting to happen.

Safety: Tripping - If stones have fallen from your hardscaping, that’s a tripping hazard. If your yard isn’t properly leveled, then the stone walkway can buckle and cause, you guessed it, a tripping hazard.

Time: Landscape maintenance takes a big chunk out of your weekend, and improperly installed hardscaping can end up having to be redone again and again.

Appearance: What once looked so good is now an eyesore, and it usually happens in just a couple of years.

When it comes to landscape maintenance, make sure to have your hardscape installed properly the first time. Give Well Done Landscapes a call.