Investment & Values

While some focus on improving small interior spaces, many neglect the largest workable space… Their outdoor room! Having a well designed outdoor space not only greatly improves your home’s value, but is also beneficial to your physical health, well being, and state of mind.

Free Estimates

No two projects are the same. We don’t believe in one price fits all, so unfortunately we do not offer “on the spot estimates.” We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates in a timely manner (in most cases under two days.)

Professional Consultations

Many people now want to attempt their own landscape installations but before committing to the installation of your walkway, or patio contact us first and make sure you get the number right, from the start. Over ordering and under estimating can cost lots of money. With delivery charges of $50.00 or more in most cases, errors in calculating materials can quickly add up.

We will take the time to accurately break down the excavation, rental costs, prep, and install time as well as quantify all of your material needs so you are truly prepared for the task at hand. We will also identify any areas of concern that the untrained eye most likely would not recognize before you experience any problems.

Our original consultation is always free, so consider Well Done Landscapes when making an investment with your landscape!

We offer design advice and ideas for the professional installation of a new retaining wall or planter within your existing landscape. Many of the walls we install are to replace old timber walls that have failed.

Investment and Value

According to a study by The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, a properly designed, installed, and maintained landscape can give you up to a 150% return on investment! Some other facts include:

  • Professional landscaping can increase the resale value of a property by as much as 14%!
  • The sale of a property can be sped up by up to six weeks when the home is professionally landscaped.
  • A landscaped patio can raise a property value as much as 12.4%!
  • A landscaped curb can increase property values as much as 4.4%!
  • Add hedges to hide that unsightly foundation and you could add up to 3.6% to your property value.

Prevention and Maintenance

A common mistake when planning a landscape is plant selection and irrigation set up… by simply picking plants that are native to the area you can significantly reduce the need for watering and maintenance because these plants are already adapted to the area. Also watering plants with a rotary head is incredibly wastefull! Much of the water never even reaches to root system. Water low and they will grow! A soaker hose is much more water efficient in these situations. Well Done Landscapes works in the southeastern Massachusetts environment and understands the native plants that do well for a more enduring maintenance free landscape.

Environmental Benefits

Have you ever wondered why there are droughts after record setting rains in the spring? The answer is that due to poor planning we have created too many non porous surfaces. Instead of harnessing the rain that falls on our roads, parking lots, or into our gutters and irrigating our lawns and shrubs with it we pipe it away to treatment facilities where it is then discharged into rivers. Never to be reabsorbed into our own communities to recharge our own ground water levels. Many new intelligent designs are offering innovative solutions such as rain chains and rain barrels to harness roof runoff, and new polymer grid technologies to stabilize soils for parking lots and driveways.

Did you know that in Europe they have used “green roofs” on their homes and commercial facilities for years? Saving on average 70-80% on their summer cooling costs! In addition to the beauty and cooling savings these roof systems are said to extend the life of the roof underneath by three to four times the normal expectancy by shading the roof and protecting it from the sun damaging rays!

With every detail in mind, we will build you a landscape that is both beautiful and functional.

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Our team works with you to design a stunning landscape that makes your dreams a reality.

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Our management division provides you with exactly what you need to make your landscape thrive.

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We are making Massachusetts winters safer, one property at a time. See how you could be one!

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