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Beat the Heat with Pool Grottos and Poolside Water Features

Summer's here, and it's time to transform your backyard into a refreshing oasis. At Well Done Landscapes, we specialize in creating stunning, functional outdoor spaces that help you cool off and enjoy your time by the pool. Two of our standout features are pool grottos and poolside water features. Let's dive in!

Pool Grottos: Your Private Oasis

Imagine stepping into a shaded, serene sanctuary right at your pool's edge. That's the magic of a pool grotto. These man-made caves or caverns offer a cool, private space to escape the sun and enjoy the water in peace.

Key Features:

  • Shaded Retreat: Perfect for cooling off away from the sun's harsh rays.
  • Seating Areas: Built-in seating for relaxation or intimate gatherings.
  • Realistic Look: Crafted out of our panel...

A guide on proper lawn care techniques during the hot summer months, including watering schedules, mowing tips, and fertilizing recommendations.

As the sweltering heat of summer sets in, maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn can seem daunting. However, with the right care techniques and a proactive approach, you can ensure your lawn stays green and healthy all season long. Here are some essential tips to help your lawn withstand the summer heat:

Watering Schedules

Proper watering is crucial during the hot summer months. Water your lawn early in the morning, ideally between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., to reduce evaporation and ensure the grass absorbs maximum moisture. Aim for deep and infrequent watering, providing about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week, either through rainfall or irrigation. Avoid late evening watering to prevent fungal diseases.

Mowing Tips

Mowing height plays a significant role in the health of your lawn during summer. Set your mower blades higher to leave your grass about 3-4 inches tall. Taller grass provides shade to the soil, reducing...

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In today's landscape industry, many contractors are faced with a difficult choice: lower prices to remain competitive or maintain quality standards and risk losing clients. At Well Done Landscapes, we firmly believe that sacrificing quality for cost is a short-sighted approach that ultimately leads to failure.

The Hidden Costs of Being the Cheapest

When a contractor offers the lowest price, it often comes at a hidden cost. To maintain profitability at such low margins, they may resort to hiring under-the-table staff, exposing homeowners to legal risks. Alternatively, they may work without claiming the money, resulting in lost tax revenue that we all have to compensate for.

Moreover, being the cheapest contractor nearly guarantees inconsistency in work quality due to high staff turnover. Skilled professionals seek fair compensation for their expertise, and a company that cannot provide that will struggle to retain talent.

The Impact of Price Increases

Recent years have seen significant increases in labor and materials costs across industries. The...

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In the iconic film Field of Dreams, the phrase "If you build it, they will come" became a cultural touchstone, symbolizing the power of belief and dedication. However, in the landscape industry, this sentiment often falls short. Building a thriving business in this field requires more than just setting up shop and waiting for customers and employees to flock to your door. In an industry saturated with low-skilled workers and plagued by high failure rates among new startups, success demands a deep understanding of the intricacies and true costs of doing business, coupled with unwavering belief and relentless effort.

The Challenges of the Landscape Industry

Market Saturation and Low-Skilled Workforce

One of the most significant hurdles in the landscape industry is the excessive level of market saturation. With low barriers to entry and a perception of simplicity, many individuals dive into the field without fully grasping the complexities involved. This influx of low-skilled workers often leads to a race to the bottom in terms of pricing,...


As the weather warms and spring approaches, homeowners and property managers start thinking about tidying up their outdoor spaces. Two common services often considered are spring clean up and mulching. While both contribute to a well-maintained landscape, they serve distinct purposes though often confused as the same service.... Let's explore the key differences between these two essential lawn care services.

Spring Clean Up: Preparing Your Lawn for the Growing Season

A spring clean up service is typically performed early in the season, before the grass actively begins growing or just as it begins to grow. The primary goal of this service is to remove winter debris from the turf and planting bed areas, setting the stage lawn care activities to come such as turf fertlization services or dethatching to create a lush, healthy lawn throughout the spring and summer months.

During a spring clean up, our landscape professionals will:

  • Remove fallen branches, leaves, and other debris accumulated over the...
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We understand the temptation and fear, we do. It's an election year, the cost of everything has been on the rise for quite some time now and yes some fat may need to be trimmed. I understand this best of all after my medical emergency last spring but fear does not deter me from doign what should and MUST be done! (Before this season ever starts up all of our equipment has been gone through resulting in over 9K in repair and maintenance costs already! Still much less expensive than buying new or not having tools when they are needed... or even worse, NOT being able to service our clients accounts due to down equipment!)

When it comes to maintaining the landscape that surrounds our homes and businesses, the adage "a stitch in time saves nine" could not be more poignant. Landscapes, like living beings, continue to grow and evolve, and with this growth come both beauty and responsibility. In the world of landscaping, being "penny wise and a pound foolish" is a philosophy that can lead to unforeseen expenses and headaches down the road.



Think about the last time you stumbled upon a garden that not only dazzled with its beauty but seemed to whisper with the serene promise of meticulous care and unparalleled expertise. Chances are, that green utopia wasn't just a product of nature's happenstance; it was likely fashioned by the hands of a well-trained landscaping team. But what defines this training? Are all green industry professionals sharpened by the same blade of knowledge and skill? Well Done Landscapes proposes a paradigm shift in the way we perceive employee training and its impact on the customer experience and the employee experience and longevity within our organziation..

The Status Quo in Landscaping Training Programs

Traditionally, landscaping firms have skimped on the one resource that directly impacts quality in the southeastern Massachusetts area – training. Many programs are simply rote repetitions of industry standards or, worse, patches of on-the-job attempts at skill development. The result? An inconsistent level of service that's as unpredictable as the weather.

At Well Done...


When the clock ticks past the standard, and the mundane becomes monotonous, it's time to unlock the extraordinary within your outdoor living spaces. ClifRock's archetypal prowess isn't just about breaking the mold; it's about hurling the mold from a cliff's edge and watching it shatter into a new realm of customizable luxury and natural design appeal!

In the year 2024, we stand, clamorously eager, pushing what is possible at the precipice of a new era in outdoor leisure. This is more than an opportunity to upgrade; this is a calling to transform your home into a sanctuary of opulence and serenity and become the only one in your neighborhood with anything of it's like.

The Power of Authenticity

In our fast-paced world, authenticity has become a prized maestro in the symphony of life's experiences. We at Well Done Landscapes understand that the art of outdoor elegance is a personal testament, a seemingly complex melody we've honed into sweet, authentic simplicity. We believe that every space has a tale to tell, and every tale deserves a stage that's as unique as...

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Understanding Pricing Discrepancies in Bid Proposals

When it's time to tackle a new project, whether you're refurbishing your cozy residence or sprucing up your commercial space, getting bids is the sensible first step. However, you may quickly notice a baffling range of prices. Why such a stark variance? The answer plays out as subtle as a well-tended garden with layers of complexity and detail.

At Well Done Landscapes, we craft our services with the precision of a horticulturist—meticulously and with the wisdom of our extensive experience. We believe in transparent practices when discussing the factors responsible for pricing discrepancies.

The Factors Sowing the Seeds of Disparity: The Experience Gap

Like an untended bush branches wildly without direction, the inexperienced may offer bids that are significantly lower due to a lack of understanding of the true scope. Their estimates, akin to young saplings, might grow wildly beyond the original quote, leaving homeowners in a thicket of unexpected costs.

Estimates vs. Proposals

There is a...

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As spring unfolds, the battle against unwanted green invaders in our gardens and lawns begins anew. At Well Done Landscapes, we understand the frustration and challenges that weeds bring to any beautifully manicured outdoor space. However, with our expert Weed Warfare Strategies, we're not just fighting back; we're claiming victory for your landscape.

Our approach combines the latest in eco-friendly herbicide technology with tried and true cultivation practices ensuring your lawn stays pristine and healthy by focusing on the soil health not just the practice of spraying chemicals to rid your turf of weeds. We prioritize a pre-emptive strike, applying pre-emergent herbicides at just the right time to prevent weed germination. This, coupled with regular maintenance and targeted post-emergent treatments, forms a robust defense against both annual and perennial weeds.

Beyond chemical warfare, we champion the importance of fostering a strong, densely grown lawn and garden as the best defense against weeds. A healthy lawn deprives weeds of the space and resources they need...

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3 Spring Landscaping Estimates You Need Now!

Spring is more than just a season; it's a canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant colors of renewal and growth. However, this canvas doesn't reveal its masterpiece by chance. It requires the artful hand of planning and precision to bring out its full potential, especially when it comes to your home's curb appeal.

In the world of landscaping, timing can often mean the difference between a breathtaking garden and a lackluster lawn. The all-important first quarter of the year is booking season — a crucial time for homeowners who aim to welcome spring with a landscape that turns heads and stands the test of time.

Dethatching of Turf

Think of dethatching as spring cleaning for your lawn. Over time, a blend of living and dead plant material — known as thatch — can build up in your turf, preventing necessary moisture and nutrients from reaching the soil beneath. At Well Done Landscapes, we've transformed many a lawn by meticulously dethatching, allowing grass roots to breathe and promoting healthier, thicker...


  • At Well Done Landscapes, we're incredibly proud of the work we do. We are committed to transforming outdoor spaces into personal sanctuaries for our clients and allowing room for growth and development for our employees and their families. Through our expertise and dedication to quality, we have been able to enrich lives and bring about a sense of peace, tranquility, and accomplishment in every project we undertake.

    But our mission doesn't stop there. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to support the demand that is creatd when you are synonymous with quality, who share our passion for creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscapes and have a passion for learning, development and career growth. This is where you, our valued website visitors and fans, come in....

    We are excited to announce our new referral program for the 2024 season! The payout has trippled from previous years in our attempt to find the absoloute best in class out there! If you know someone who would be a perfect fit for our team, we invite you...

Screenshot 2024-02-02 104546.png

Landscape investment is not merely about the financial returns; it's a commitment to nurturing environments that foster well-being, safety, and a sense of community. As you stand at the threshold of your investment, envision more than just a tabulated ROI. Picture the undulating branches of trees in a peaceful neighborhood, the vibrant greenery lining serene, open spaces – these elements are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they’re your gateway to a life-enhancing escape right in your backyard.

Nature: The Antidote to Urban Stress

In the midst of hectic urban life, nature stands as a resolute sanctuary. The evidence is compelling: a mere glance at natural greenery can reduce the tension coiled within overworked minds and bodies. As the bustling cityscape gives way to verdant panoramas, stress ebbs away. Time and again, studies affirm the revitalizing effect of urban forests and local parks, with each blade of grass serving as a reminder that tranquility is within reach – an invaluable asset.

Safety in Serenity

Statistics have shown that...


The gleam of fresh-cut blades of grass under the morning sun, the soft serenade of a gentle breeze through well-manicured hedges, the vibrant tapestry of flowerbeds that rival any fine art display; these are the images that awaken a sense of pride in every homeowner. However, the idyllic dream of a tranquil oasis in your back garden can be quelled by the reality of the time and effort involved. Landscaping is more than mere chore; it's an investment of time, energy, and opportunity that every homeowner carefully balances against the value it brings. Welcome to the conversation about the quintessential balance in modern living: Should you take up the shovel, or pass it to the professional hand?

The Landscape of Your Time: A Value Assessment

A recent study conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that on average, Americans spend approximately 2.31 hours per week tending to their yards and gardens. Within those sprawling green acres of suburbia, what is the true cost of these hours? For some, it's a reasonable exchange for the meditative pause and the ability...

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In the realm of landscaping, the journey from novice to professional is both an art and a science. At Well Done Landscapes, we don't just create landscapes—we cultivate talent. That’s why we're giving you an exclusive sneak peek into our newly revamped mentorship program: a crucible for nurturing aspiring individuals into full-fledged landscape professionals.

The Foundation of Expertise

Do you know that to be considered an "expert" in any one thing it is estimated that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to obtain enought experience to obtain that designation? In the terms of a landscapers season that would take approximately 6.89 years of consistent effort to developing skills on a day in and day out basis on the job WITHOUT the interference of other tasks... long story short; like many things in life you can't master that skillsets necessary without investment of time and effort outside of the regular work day. This takes PASSION.

The bedrock of our program is expertise and personal accountability—a value we uphold with unwavering dedication. Our mentors are...


In the world of the landscape industry and landscape construction, success is not a destination but a journey. It's a continuous process that involves dedication, hard work, creativity, and above all, accountability. At Well Done Landscapes, we understand this journey well and have built our company ethos around it.

Accountability is the cornerstone of successful organizations. It sets the stage for efficient workflows, fosters a culture of responsibility, and ensures that everyone is pulling their weight towards the shared goal. It means that every member of our team takes ownership of their actions and the outcomes they produce.

At its core, accountability is about showing up, claiming ownership of a task, and then accomplishing the things you have committed to. It's about taking responsibility for both performance and business outcomes. This shared responsibility between employees and their employers creates a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.

But how do we foster this culture at Well Done Landscapes?

1. Clear Expectations: We ensure that...


Happy New Year and WELOME to 2024... Our 18th Year In Business!

We've seen alot of changes in 18 years of business, most notably cost and design elements, as experts in the field of landscaping and architecture, we at Well Done Landscapes understand the intricate relationship between landscape design and house style and subsequently cost. The way your home is designed and the landscape that surrounds it can significantly affect not only the aesthetic appeal but also the size, cost, and overall style of your property. Let's delve into how this works for different types of houses: Ranch, Bungalow, Colonial, and Cape style homes.

Ranch Style House

Ranch-style homes are renowned for their single-story, sprawling layout. These homes typically range from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet and are noted for their open, casual layouts. When it comes to landscaping, ranch-style homes lend themselves well to spacious lawns and large garden areas. A well-maintained lawn or a vibrant flower bed can enhance the horizontal lines of a ranch house, making it appear even more expansive....

Snow plowing, salt spreading, safe walkways

In the heart of winter, snow and ice management becomes a critical service for homeowners and businesses alike in Massachusetts. However, it's not just about keeping your driveway clear or ensuring the safety of your premises - it's also about understanding the legal landscape that governs these services. As a trusted provider of snow and ice management, Well Done Landscapes is here to guide you through these legal requirements and best practices when hiring a service provider.

Legal Requirements for Snow and Ice Management

Massachusetts law places a significant burden on property owners to ensure the removal of snow, ice, sleet, and slush from their properties1. This responsibility extends to both natural and unnatural accumulations2, making comprehensive snow and ice management essential.

A Massachusetts Supreme Judicial...

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At Well Done Landscapes, we are firm believers in the power of preparation. When it comes to landscape design and construction, we know that the key to a successful project lies in detailed planning and timely execution. This is why we encourage our clients to secure their services during winter, to ensure a seamless transition into spring and summer projects. Here's why:

  1. The Well Done Landscapes Advantage: Our team brings together years of expertise and a deep understanding of the nuances of landscape design and construction. Our founder honed his skills under the tutelage of a master stone mason and arborist, infusing our approach with a unique blend of artistry and precision.

  2. Emphasis on Planning: We take pride in our meticulous planning process, where every detail is considered, from the type of plants that will thrive in your garden to the most efficient layout for your outdoor living space. Winter provides the perfect opportunity for such thorough planning.

  3. Time-Saving: Securing our services in winter allows us to hit the...

snow and ice collage.jpg

At Well Done Landscapes, we understand the unique challenges that winter brings for commercial property owners. Snow and ice can be more than just an inconvenience – they can pose significant safety risks and hinder business operations. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our specialized Commercial Snow and Ice Division, dedicated to providing superior snow and ice management services for your business.

A Team of Winter Warriors

Our Snow & Ice Division is composed of experienced professionals who have undergone rigorous training in snow and ice management. They are equipped with the latest technology and tools to efficiently handle snowfall of any magnitude. We don’t just remove snow; we strategize, plan, and execute comprehensive solutions to ensure your commercial property remains safe and accessible throughout the harsh winter months.

Success Stories: Proven Expertise in Winter Weather Management

We believe that our work speaks for itself, and no one can attest to this better than our satisfied clients. One such client is a local retail strip...


As the winter season approaches, it's time to prepare your home for the challenges that come with colder weather. While most homeowners focus on tasks like weatherproofing windows and insulating pipes, there's one often overlooked but crucial task that should be at the top of your winter to-do list: cleaning gutters.

Why is gutter cleaning so important, you ask? Well, let us tell you a story.

Imagine a beautiful winter day, snow gently falling from the sky, creating a picturesque scene outside. You're sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, feeling warm and cozy. But little do you know, trouble is brewing right above your head.

You see, gutters play a vital role in channeling rainwater and snowmelt away from your home's foundation. When they're clogged with leaves, debris, and ice, water can't flow freely, and it starts to accumulate. And that's when the problems begin.

First, the weight of the trapped water can cause your gutters to sag, leading to damage and potentially costly repairs. But that's not all. As temperatures drop, the trapped water can freeze,...

2023-11-11 08.06.25.jpg

As we approach the close of another year, we at Well Done Landscapes want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude. We want to say thank you. Thank you for entrusting us with your landscapes, for believing in our expertise, and for being an essential part of our journey. Your support has been integral to every success we've enjoyed.

In this past year, we've had the privilege of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes. We've been witness to the joy and satisfaction that a well-crafted landscape brings. And it is this joy, your joy, that fuels our passion and commitment to delivering nothing but the best.

However, as we reflect on the year gone by, we also look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Spring, the season of renewal and fresh beginnings, is just around the corner. And with it comes the perfect opportunity to plan and create your dream landscape.

Winter, often seen as a dormant period, is actually an ideal time for planning your spring landscape. It offers the chance to assess last year's successes and lessons, and to...


As the weather transitions to colder temperatures and shorter days, it's tempting to put off lawn maintenance, like raking fallen leaves. However, at Well Done Landscapes, we know that neglecting this task can lead to long-term damage to your lawn. That's why we want to emphasize the importance of leaf raking or mulching for optimal lawn health.

Why should you rake leaves, and what happens if you don't?

Raking leaves offers numerous benefits beyond just making your yard look neat and tidy. It plays a crucial role in maintaining your lawn's health. Here are some key advantages:

Preventing diseases: Raking removes fallen leaves, reducing the risk of disease growth and damage to your lawn.

Enhancing sunlight and rain access: Clearing away leaves allows essential sunlight and rainwater to reach your grass, ensuring healthier growth.

Improving air circulation: By removing fallen leaves, you promote better air circulation, enabling your lawn to breathe and thrive.

Recycling and composting: Fallen leaves can be composted and recycled to enrich your...


The terms "pruning" and "trimming" are often used interchangeably when it comes to shrub maintenance. However, these two processes serve different purposes and are carried out in distinct ways.

Trimming: A Quick Fix for Size and Shape

When individuals aren't quite certain how to care for their shrubs, trimming is usually the go-to method. It involves cutting back the outermost branch tips to form a clean, geometric shape. Picture your shrub as a meatball or even SpongeBob SquarePants - that's the effect you're going for with trimming.

In certain situations, such as maintaining a formal boxwood hedge or topiary, trimming can be an appropriate technique. However, for most shrubs, this method results in a thin layer of green leaves on the exterior of the plant, while the interior consists of nothing but dead stems. If a section of the shrub becomes damaged, there's no living growth that can fill in the affected area. Also, with limited leaves to generate nourishment for the plant, it may gradually deteriorate over tim..

Pruning: A Careful Approach for Plant...


In the midst of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: there's no place like home. It's our sanctuary, a safe haven where we find comfort and solace. Today, as we face challenging times, it's more important than ever to invest in our homes and outdoor spaces. At Well Done Landscapes, we believe that enhancing your environment can significantly improve your quality of life. Here's why.

1. Increase the Value of Your Property

Home improvements, particularly those involving landscaping and outdoor spaces, can significantly increase the value of your property. Even minor enhancements, such as adding a patio or upgrading your garden, can offer considerable return on investment, typically outdoor living spaces are ranked by realtors as being the second most bang for your buck when investing on improvements or repairs at your residence. Now is the perfect time to embark on that landscaping project you've been contemplating, and Well Done Landscapes has the expertise and resources to make it happen.


snow and ice collage.jpg

  • When winter's chill sets in and snowflakes begin to fall, Well Done Landscapes stands ready to serve. We are more than just a landscaping company; we are your trusted partner in ensuring safety and accessibility throughout the winter months with our comprehensive Snow and Ice Management services.

    With our unwavering commitment to quality and expertise, we provide reliable snow and ice management solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our highly trained team uses state-of-the-art equipment to swiftly and efficiently clear your property, ensuring safe and accessible walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

    Our services don't stop at snow removal. We also offer proactive ice management solutions, applying eco-friendly de-icing products to prevent hazardous icy build-ups. Our goal is to mitigate risks and allow you to carry on with your daily routine, undisturbed by the harsh winter weather.

    At Well Done Landscapes, we understand that each snowfall is unique, and so are your needs. That's why we offer flexible service plans, allowing us to...

Function vs. Aesthetic.jpg

  • In the world of landscaping and outdoor maintenance, there's a sea of providers to choose from. So why should you entrust your outdoor space to Well Done Landscapes? The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

    1. Our Experience

    With 17 years of reliable experience under our belt, we've honed our skills, perfected our craft, and built a reputation for excellence. We've navigated through various challenges and weather conditions, always delivering top-notch services.

    2. Our Team

    We're proud of our certificated, licensed, trained, and tenured staff. Each team member brings their unique skill set to the table, ensuring every project is executed with precision and professionalism.

    3. Our Communication

    At Well Done Landscapes, we believe in open and consistent communication with our clients. We keep you informed at every step, ensuring your vision is being realized and your expectations are being met.

    4. Site Documentation

    We meticulously document every...


  • At Well Done Landscapes, we've always believed that our strength lies in the relationships we've built. As we navigate through the month of November, a time traditionally associated with giving thanks, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to two groups that are at the very heart of our success - our valued customers and dedicated employees.

    A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Customers

    First and foremost, we want to acknowledge our customers. Your trust in our expertise and your appreciation for the quality we deliver have been the driving forces behind our growth. From the smallest residential projects to the largest commercial endeavors, your visions have challenged us, inspired us, and helped us push our boundaries.

    Your feedback, both praises and constructive criticism, have been invaluable. They've allowed us to continually refine our processes, enhance our services, and strive for excellence in everything we do. Every beautifully landscaped garden, every flawlessly executed design, every satisfied smile - they're all...


Are you looking for a fun and challenging career that offers education and growth opportunities? Look no further than the landscaping industry. The perfect landscaper is not just someone who can make a lawn look pretty, but rather an individual who is creative, knowledgeable, and can solve problems on the fly. In this blog post, we will explore the fun, challenges, and educational opportunities that the landscaping industry can offer to ambitious employees.

The landscaping industry is an exciting field that offers a wide variety of opportunities for those who are interested in working with the natural environment. While landscaping might initially appear to be a job that only involves mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and planting flowers, there are a lot more complexities involved in the job. A landscaper needs to be familiar with the different types of soil, climatic conditions, and local flora and fauna. They need to have a keen eye for detail and creativity to design a space that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Another challenge of landscaping is that...

ICPI Cert Installer.png

  • When it comes to hardscape projects like installing pavers, cutting corners may seem tempting to save a few dollars. However, at Well Done Landscapes, we firmly believe that quality and expertise should be the foundation of every project we undertake. That's why we adhere to the highest industry standards, specifically those set by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI).

    Why ICPI Standards Matter

    The ICPI is an organization dedicated to promoting best practices in the installation of interlocking concrete pavements. By following their guidelines, we ensure that each project meets the highest standards of durability, safety, and longevity. Here's why adhering to ICPI standards is crucial:

    1. Upholding the Manufacturer's Warranty

    Installing pavers according to ICPI standards is not only about meeting aesthetic expectations and performance requirements—it also plays a significant role in upholding the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers often require that pavers be installed to specific guidelines to ensure proper...

Winter is Coming.png

At Well Done Landscapes, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and expertise in snow and ice management. We have embarked this season on a mission to offer a number of new options for snow services to meet everyone's needs at a price they can afford and a level of service that meets their needs and risk exposure.

As the winter season approaches, we understand the importance of choosing the right contract that suits your specific needs. In this email, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the different contract options available: Per Inch Snow Plowing Contracts, Flat Rate Contracts, and Seasonal Contracts. Each option has its positives and negatives, and we want to ensure you make an informed decision of your options.

Per Inch Snow Plowing Contracts: Precision and Flexibility

(Gold Level Service)

A Per Inch Snow Plowing Contract offers precision and flexibility, allowing you to pay for the actual amount of snow cleared. With this option, you only pay for what you need. Let's explore the benefits and...

aeration plugs.jpg

Prepare Your Lawn for the Colder Months Ahead with Our Winter Lawn Prep Services

Winter is coming, and it's important to start thinking about how to prepare your lawn for the season ahead. We understand that you may be busy with holiday preparations, but don't let the colder months catch you off guard. You don't want to wait until the last minute to start thinking about getting your lawn ready for the winter season. That's why we're here to help. Our winter lawn prep services are designed to help you maintain a healthy lawn even in the harshest weather conditions. Keep reading to learn more about our winter lawn prep services and how they can benefit you.

Aeration: Aeration is one of the most essential services you can get for your lawn during the winter season. It's important to get rid of the thatch and debris that may build up over the summer months, so that your lawn can breathe more easily. When the soil is too compact or dense, it can make it difficult for air and nutrients to penetrate your grass roots - but with aeration, this problem can be solved. Our team...


The fall season reminds us all of the warmth of a bonfire with marshmallows, laughter, and friends around. It's always the perfect night to bond over a fire and roast marshmallows. If you're a homeowner or a lover of landscaping... heck the outdoors! Then this article is just for you.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create the perfect fire pit for your property. We know what it takes to make a fire pit that meets your expectations, and we want to share our knowledge with you, our valued readers. So, let us begin.

Location of the Fire Pit

Selecting the right location is an important factor when it comes to building a fire pit. The first factor to consider is the proximity to your home. Ensure that it’s far enough to avoid any fire hazards or smoke inhalation while still close enough for easy access. Another factor to consider is a flat surface, free of any bumps and located away from any hanging branches or debris. Additionally, the location of the fire pit is essential as it should not be located near any flammable areas.

Designing Your Fire...


Fall is a beautiful season. As the temperatures drop and the leaves change colors, many homeowners look forward to spending weekends raking leaves, sipping apple cider, and enjoying the crisp autumn air. However, fall isn't only a time for leisurely activities. It also provides a perfect opportunity to take care of your lawn. With the cooler weather and more frequent rainfall, fall is an ideal time to aerate your lawn. In this blog post, we'll explain why you

Aeration Enhances Lawns Health

Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass root zone. The holes created by aeration help to relieve soil compaction, which is a common issue in most lawns due to foot traffic. When the soil is too compact, the grass roots will struggle to absorb water and nutrients needed for growth. By aerating your lawn, you'll be providing your grass with the necessary ingredients for a healthier and stronger growing season.

Aeration Reduces Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots, and other organic...

fall ,owing 3.jpg

As the leaves start to fall and the temperatures begin to drop, it's time to start preparing your lawn for the winter months ahead. A proper fall cleanup will not only make your lawn look tidy, but it also helps to promote healthy growth in the spring. At our lawn care service, we offer comprehensive fall cleanup services to help get your lawn ready for the winter. In this blog post, we'll share some important information about why fall cleanup is necessary, what our cleanup services entail, and how we can help you achieve the perfect lawn.

Why Fall Cleanup is Necessary

Fall cleanup is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn year-round. Leaving fallen leaves and debris on your lawn can lead to fungal diseases and brown patches in the spring. Additionally, not removing leaves and debris from your lawn can create a breeding ground for insects to hibernate and thrive in the winter. These insects can cause extensive damage to your lawn come springtime.

What Our Cleanup Services Entail

Our fall cleanup services include a variety of necessary tasks to keep your...


Leave the Leaf Removal to Us

Fall is a favorite time for many, with cool, fresh air and leaves bursting of orange and gold. But as much as we love the way the autumn leaves look, they also take lots of work to maintain. For homeowners, leaf removal can be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why we're here to offer our expert help . Keeping your yard free of debris and leaves is essential to keeping your lawn healthy and looking lush. So why not leave the leaf removal to our team of professionals? Keep reading to find out how we can make this fall maintenance job a breeze for you.

Benefits of Leaf Removal:

Leaf removal is not only a necessary yard maintenance task, but it also comes with many benefits. Firstly, it helps promote the growth of both your lawn and plants. When leaves start to accumulate and decompose, they release a lot of nitrogen, which is good for your lawn. However, too much nitrogen can have an adverse effect, ultimately damaging the grass. Secondly, leaf buildup also creates a suitable habitat for pests that can wreak havoc on your...


Fall brings to mind pumpkin spice, changing leaves, and cooler temperatures. But did you know that fall is also the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs in your yard? Planting in the fall gives new trees and shrubs time to establish their root systems before winter sets in. This means that come spring, they’ll be ready to put on new growth and thrive in your yard. If you’re not sure which trees and shrubs to plant, don’t worry – we’re here to help you choose the right ones for your yard!

First, consider your yard’s features. If you have a sunny yard, you’ll want to look for trees and shrubs that thrive in full sun, such as flowering dogwood, magnolia, or crepe myrtle. On the other hand, if your yard is shady, you’ll want to choose shade-loving trees and shrubs like the Japanese maple, holly, or camellia. If you have a mix of sun and shade, consider a flowering tree like a cherry or crabapple, which can thrive in both full sun and partial shade. Also consider the area the plants will live in - Is it a low spot that stays wet, often collecting water or a dry spot in the...

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As a homeowner, having a healthy and vibrant lawn is a top priority. In order to achieve this, a proper fertilization program is crucial. However, many homeowners often overlook the importance of the soil’s pH level, in which lime plays a crucial role.

Not only does the correct lime application help balance the soil’s pH level, but it also has other benefits that aid in the overall health and color of your turf. In this blog, we will be discussing the two types of lime for lawns and their benefits, the importance of correct lime application, and how lime complements your turf fertilization and weed control program. .

The Two Types of Lime for Lawns: The first type of lime for lawns is called calcitic lime, also known as ground limestone. This type of lime is made up of calcium carbonate and is the more common form of lime used for lawns. The second type is dolomitic lime, which is made up of calcium magnesium carbonate. To choose the correct type of lime, it is important to conduct a soil test to determine the soil’s pH level and nutrient needs.

2. The...

person fertilizing a lawn

As a homeowner or turf lover, the health and quality of your lawn is certainly important to you. One key element to achieving a healthy lawn is through proper fertilization, which includes the use of lime. However, not all limes are created equal. There are two main types of agricultural lime – dolomitic and calcitic lime. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between these two types of lime and why it matters what you use.

1. Composition

Calcitic lime is made up of calcium carbonate, while dolomitic lime consists of calcium magnesium carbonate. Essentially, dolomitic lime contains higher levels of magnesium than calcitic lime. This difference in composition will impact how each lime reacts to the soil and the plants growing within it.

2. pH Level

The pH level of the soil determines how acidic or alkaline it is, which directly affects the availability of nutrients to plants. Calcitic lime has a higher pH level than dolomitic lime, meaning it is more alkaline. Dolomitic lime, on the other hand, is less alkaline due to the presence of magnesium....



Welcome to Well Done Landscapes, where we believe that every blade of grass deserves the opportunity to flourish in vibrant green glory. Today, we want to shed light on a vital aspect of achieving this goal: soil testing for turf health. In this blog post, we will explore why soil testing is a crucial step towards creating and maintaining a stunning lawn. Prepare to embark on a journey that uncovers the secret to nurturing your turf to its utmost potential.

The Foundation of a Beautiful Lawn - Soil Health

Just as a sturdy foundation is essential for a well-built structure, healthy soil forms the backbone of a breathtaking lawn. But how do we know if our soil is up to the task? This is where soil testing comes into play.

Unveiling the Intricacies of Soil Testing

Soil testing involves analyzing the composition and characteristics of the soil in your lawn. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, professionals can determine the precise needs of your turf and provide tailored recommendations for optimal growth. This ensures that you don't...

Fall aeration

Maintaining a lush green lawn throughout the year is a dream for homeowners and property managers alike. However, achieving the desired results requires more than just routine care and maintenance. One essential practice that often goes overlooked is fall turf aeration and overseeding. This crucial process can have a profound impact on the strength and thickness of your lawn while preventing disease, weed growth, and other related issues. In this blog post, we’ll go over why fall turf aeration and overseeding is so important and how you can carry it out correctly.

What is Fall Turf Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the practice of perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and essential nutrients to penetrate deep into the roots of your grass. Over time, the soil underneath your lawn can become compacted due to foot traffic, natural soil erosion, and other environmental factors. This dense soil makes it challenging for grass roots to grow effectively, leading to a weakened and unhealthy lawn. By undergoing aeration, you can loosen up the soil and promote...

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Winter is just around the corner, and for many commercial businesses and property managers, it means getting their place of business ready for the snow and ice. While it may seem easy to handle snow and ice management in-house, the truth is, it requires specific knowledge, equipment, preparation, and skills that limited professional snow and ice management contractors can provide. Besides, it's essential to prioritize safety and minimize risk for your employees, customers, or tenants in the winter months. That said, this blog post is dedicated to providing you with some tips on planning a safe and effective winter snow and ice management for your business place with a reputable contractor.

Assess Your Needs:

The first step towards a safe and effective winter snow and ice management plan is to assess your business's specific needs. Ask yourself questions like, how big is your parking lot or sidewalk area? What's the traffic flow in and out of your property? What's your budget? What's the level of service you need, and how quickly can the snow and ice be cleared in case...


The Impact of Rain on Weed Growth and Soil pH in Turf Management: The Good and the Bad

As a residential homeowner, it is no secret that rain is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving lawn. While we rejoice in the sight of a refreshing downpour after hot and dry days, it is important to understand the significance of rain when it comes to weed growth and soil pH in turf management. You might be wondering, “how do these two factors relate to rain?” Well, this blog post will provide you with the answers. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the impact of rain on weed growth and soil pH in turf management.

The Good:

Rainwater is known to hydrate plants and provide them with the necessary nutrients. When it comes to turf management, rainfall can improve the health of the grass by stimulating growth and providing essential nutrients to your lawn. The level of moisture in the soil is significant for effective nutrient uptake, as it allows your grass to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. Additionally, rain helps to maintain the soil...

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The Ultimate Guide to Fall Lawn Installations, Aeration, and Overseeding Services

The days and nights are getting cooler! Can you feel it? Soon the leaves will begin turning and we will be spending our days raking and collecting leaves off of the turf to rid before winter... but first, we think lush green grass!

Fall is the perfect time of year to give your lawn the TLC it deserves. With the weather cooling down and the growing season slowing, it's the ideal time to plant new grass, aerate, and overseed your lawn. Whether you're a new homeowner looking to improve your landscape or an existing homeowner in need of some lawn care services, we've got you covered. In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about fall lawn installations, aeration, and overseeding services.

Fall Lawn Installations:

Fall is an excellent time to install new grass on your lawn. Planting in the fall allows your grass to establish healthy roots before the harsh winter weather sets in. The cool temperatures and increased rainfall also create the perfect growing conditions...


Extreme Weather Safety - Tornado Edition

With the threat of severe weather watches and warnings popping up in our area over the past number of seasons we wanted to share some tornado safety tips with out clients and staff to help keep you prepared in the event of an emergency.

If ever a need to assistance (hopefully not) due to downed trees or limbs remember we are only a call away.

Please follow the link below labeled 'tornado safety' to the Red Cross site for instruction on how to be best prepared and stay safe before, during and after potential activity,

Tornado Safety Tips | Tornado Preparedness | Red Cross



At Well Done Landscapes, where we believe that every blade of grass deserves the opportunity to flourish in vibrant green glory. With summer winding to a close now is the perfect time to look at what in going on down in the soil to better control not only weeds and growth of turf but to also control cost!

Today, we want to shed light on a vital aspect of achieving this goal: soil testing for turf health. In this blog post, we will explore why soil testing is a crucial step towards creating and maintaining a stunning lawn. Prepare to embark on a journey that uncovers the secret to nurturing your turf to its utmost potential.

The Foundation of a Beautiful Lawn - Soil Health

Just as a sturdy foundation is essential for a well-built structure, healthy soil forms the backbone of a breathtaking lawn. But how do we know if our soil is up to the task? This is where soil testing comes into play.

Unveiling the Intricacies of Soil Testing

Soil testing involves analyzing the composition and...

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As the winter season of 2023-2024 approaches, the chilling threat of severe snow and ice storms looms large according to all winter outlooks... The safety of your business and it's patrons and operations should be paramount, and planning for such extreme weather events should be a critical part of your business continuity plan. If not managed properly, snow and ice can pose considerable risks, from slip-and-fall accidents to operational disruptions and property damage.

Hiring a professional snow and ice management company can significantly minimize these risks. A qualified and experienced service provider will have the knowledge and equipment necessary to handle any winter challenge. They'll provide timely and efficient snow removal, prevent ice buildup, and apply safe and effective de-icing products.

By entrusting your winter services to a professional company, you can ensure that your business remains accessible and safe for your employees and customers. This can lead to uninterrupted operations, maintaining your service and delivery schedules, and ultimately,...


Are you ready to take your outdoor entertaining options to the next level? Let Well Done Landscapes help you design and install an outdoor kitchen in under a week with endless possibilities for what you can do with your space. From hosting backyard barbecues and dinner parties to making delicious gourmet meals — it's all possible! Whether you're an avid outdoorsman looking for a comfortable place to hang out after long days on the trail or a homeowner wanting to add some pizzazz to their abode, this post will show you how having an outdoor kitchen can be just as enjoyable as having one indoors. Plus, with newer trends like day trading becoming more popular, now is the perfect time to invest in something that adds real value along with great memories. Let's explore some of the ways that creating an outdoor kitchen provides not only practicality but amazing experiences too!

Designing the perfect outdoor kitchen space is a great way to enhance your home's allure and entertain guests in the summer months. With the right planning, you can create a relaxing and functional patio...


As the days become longer and warmer, it’s no surprise that homeowners in the Northeast are eagerly awaiting summertime – when bright sunshine warms us all up after months of frigid temperatures! While we may be looking forward to sun-filled days spent outdoors, there are some important planning considerations for keeping your outdoor landscaping safe and beautiful. From preparing flower beds, to addressing lawn maintenance needs or protecting trees from extreme weather fluctuations - stepping back and taking a look at your landscape can ensure you have a luscious creation that will last through summer and beyond! This guide offers simple steps on how you can get started on your journey to achieving a dreamy outdoor summer oasis.

How to Plan a Summer Landscape in the Northeast

Planning a summer landscape in the Northeast requires a bit of forethought and knowledge of the region's unique climate. The good news is that with some proper planning, your lawn and garden can flourish all season long. Start by selecting hardy plants that can withstand both...


At Well Done Landscapes LLC, we believe that people come first. We are a landscaping company based in Lakeville, Minnesota with over 20 years of experience in the business. We specialize in creating unique and personalized outdoor spaces for customers and employees to enjoy life through the love of the outdoors.

Our team is passionate about connecting with our customers and their needs. We understand that landscaping is a personal experience and strive to make sure each customer feels heard, understood, and respected. We go above and beyond to ensure that your outdoor space is exactly how you want it – customized just for you!

We also prioritize the wellbeing of our employees. Our team members work hard to meet the needs of our customers and are always available to answer any questions you may have. We believe that providing a positive and supportive environment is essential to success, so we strive to provide our employees with the best possible working conditions.

At Well Done Landscapes LLC, we prioritize putting people first no matter what! We’re dedicated...


Are you looking for ways to keep your lawn looking great all year round? Well Done Landscapes has been serving the Lakeville Massachusetts area for over 15 years and we are here to help. In this blog, we’ll discuss some lawn care maintenance tips to help you keep your lawn in top shape. From regular mowing to taking care of trees and plants, following these tips will help you create a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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Are you looking for a reliable landscaping company to handle your next landscape construction project? Look no further than Well Done Landscapes. Located in the Lakeville Massachusetts area, Well Done Landscapes has been in the landscaping industry for more than 15 years. Our team of landscape professionals has the experience and knowledge to handle any landscaping project you may have, big or small. With a wide range of services and excellent customer service, we are the perfect choice for your next landscape project.

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Mulch is an essential tool for any landscape or garden project. It provides a range of benefits that make it a must-have for any outdoor space. At Well Done Landscapes, we’ve seen firsthand how mulch can improve the look, health, and ecosystem of our clients’ gardens. In other words, it’s one of the most crucial things our landscaping service can help with! Learn more below, then schedule your landscape maintenance in Lakeville today.


Hardscaping is all the rage these days and for good reason! Hardscaping features offer a unique, cost-efficient option for commercial and residential properties alike.

Whether you are looking for the best commercial landscapers for your business or residential landscaping services for your home in Massachusetts, Well Done Landscapes has you covered. Keep reading to learn about four property-elevating hardscaping features that can save you money and contact us today to get a free quote!

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Winterizing your landscaping is essential for keeping it looking its best and healthy throughout the cold season. Fortunately, Well Done Landscapes in Lakeville can help you care for all your landscaping needs this winter. With our expertise in residential lawn care and fertilization, they’ll make sure your yard stays beautiful even during the coldest months of the year. Work with Well Done Landscapes today for all of your residential lawn care needs. Schedule an appointment!

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Untitled design (3).jpg

At Well Done Landscapes, we are a leading landscaping construction and design company, and we have been in business for decades! We understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing lawn, and our team is experienced and can get your project done efficiently. This blog explores four of the services we offer, and we encourage you to read below to discover more.

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healthy lawn

While landscaping and hardscaping both involve working on your yard, there are some key differences between the two. At Well Done Landscapes in Lakeville, we specialize in landscaping and hardscaping services to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

Learn more about the differences between landscaping and hardscaping. Then contact the team at Well Done Landscapes to schedule an appointment for any combination of our hardscaping and landscaping design services!

healthy lawn

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is no easy task. It requires time, effort, and money. One of the most important aspects of lawn care is fertilization. Fertilizing your lawn at the right time can make all the difference in the world. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best fertilization schedule for lawns. Keep reading to learn more and let Well Done Landscapes manage your fertilization schedule today!


To better understand what will look best for your home's landscaping, it is essential to know the two most popular types of landscaping: hardscaping and softscaping. Like Well Done Landscaping, professional landscaping companies offer expert insight into what designs will look best with your home. Well Done Landscaping has provided insight into the two most popular types of landscaping to help you find what is best for you. Partner with the best landscapers in Massachusetts, and book a free consultation with Well Done Landscaping!

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As a homeowner, you are responsible for so much. Taking care of your home's landscaping can bring you stress and consume your time. Using a professional landscaping service can make your life easier, and Well Done Landscaping provides four benefits! Well Done Landscapes offers professional landscaping services for properties and homes throughout Lakeville, Massachusetts. Schedule your appointment to clean up your home's landscaping today!

Does Maintaining Your Landscape Increase Home Value BlitzBlog Feat Image.jpg

When looking for a new home, one of the biggest selling points can often be the home’s outdoor areas. The front yard is often the first impression potential buyers first get, and a well maintained backyard can make or break a deal happening the same day. The truth is, landscape can have a big impact on your home’s overall appearance and value. Here are some of the top ways you can increase your home’s value with landscaping services from Well Done Landscaping.

Fertilizing For Different Seasons BlitzBlog Feat Image.jpg

Fertilizing your lawn can be a little confusing. When do you use the fertilizer and what kind do you use? Do you spread by hand or do you get a little help? Here at Well Done Landscapes, the top-rated landscaping company in Lakeville, MA, our experts can help take care of your lawn and outdoor areas all year round. However, if you want to take care of fertilizing your own lawn, here are the top four things to remember about fertilizing in different seasons.

Importance Of Maintaining Your Lawn Year Round BlitzBlog Feat Image.jpg

Your lawn is a major part of your property. In order to make sure it’s healthy and lasts a long time, you’ll need to invest some time and money into it all year long. Here at Well Done Landscapes, the top-rated landscaping company in Lakeville, MA, we can help maintain your lawn and outdoor areas no matter what season it is. Here are the top four reasons why it’s important to maintain your lawn all year round.

Landscape Maintenance Service Packages BlitzBlog Feat Image.jpg

Everyone loves the outdoors. Whether you only enjoy making it outside every now and then or you’re an avid nature lover, everyone loves spending time outdoors, at least to some degree. However, you may not always have the time to do the outdoor tasks you need to get done. That’s where Well Done Landscapes can help you. Keep scrolling to learn about some of our top-rated landscape maintenance services.


With Valentines Day on the horizon…

We wanted you to know, we love our clients, our employees, our landscapes and our environment!


There are lawnmowers, and then there are mulching lawnmowers. What are the advantage of mulching? Is it the right thing for your lawn, or should we just take the grass clippings away?


Here at Well Done Landscapes we specialize in all forms of landscape installation. That includes installing sod, planting grass seed, and hydroseeding.


Over- or under-watering a lawn is the most common mistake people make with their lawn care in Lakeville. One of the reasons it’s such a problem is that there has been so much conflicting information passed down through the years.


We’re guessing that you’ve seen people around town installing hardscapes in their yard, whether it’s a stone path, a cement fountain, or a retaining wall. And you probably looked at it and thought “I should do that!”


We talked last week about some of the biggest problems that people run into when they’re coming up with their landscape design. This included making sure the water has a good place to go when it rains, and also making sure that you’ve got the right plants for your areas and that they’ve been planted in the right place.


Drawing up landscape designs can be great fun, and we encourage to bring us what you have so that we can review them and give you a quote. But please understand that we might have a few suggestions in order for you to the best possible landscape.


With every detail in mind, we will build you a landscape that is both beautiful and functional.

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Our team works with you to design a stunning landscape that makes your dreams a reality.

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Our management division provides you with exactly what you need to make your landscape thrive.

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We are making Massachusetts winters safer, one property at a time. See how you could be one!

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